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Lazing on a Sunday afternoon

 its noon, sunday. ZZ top tonight, cant wait!

last night was chill, kicked it with REL and Kendy, got YL.. yogurt landd, so EXCITING and good, did a little exploring and found a new irie spot to blaze. hung out with drunk scyler the weirdo, and mikes bird cash.  just a mellow irie night, and i got much needed sleep cuase of the trip to SAN CLEMENTE...

soo, me son whit and kendra cruised over to cypress to pick up nick, julian, marcus, and greg crain (its all about greg crain..haha) "First spot we hit it was my liquor store" ... we first went to the liqour store, cases of beer and a bottle of jacky D. crusied to san clemente.. we arrive to an empty house, and i swore someone said tony and tommy were both not going to be there :( soo i was semi bummed. we were drankin some beer, i had a mixed drink and a few shots, we were all just listening to music, sitting around the table.. doing a little blazing. that weird josh kid showed up with some guy named kane, who smoked us out. and later on tommy and tony came through the door :):) yeeee.. tommy was in a weird mood and wasnt being his friendly southafrican self. we were all playling speed, and tony joined, and i kicked his ass.. haha. lalalala jujubooty was drunk, nick and whit were hookin up, me and kendra were just being chased all over by marley. ... i dont even know but later on me and tony hooked up in his bed... he was a dammnnn goodd kisser, i really enjoyed the sesh. just hooked up tho, nothin to freaky. i can check that boy off my list. haha didnt go to bed till 5 ish... got dank breakfast in the morning and came back home. funnn night. 

sooo laters zz top and im pretty stoked. concerts are just the best atmosphere. hopefully everything works out with all the girls.

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